Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Express Yourself While Healing Yourself

Art is an awesome way to really get your feelings out. I get my feelings out on a piece of paper with a diary my mother got me for that specific reason. Having a diary is good, but there's other ways to get it out too.
  Let's start off with drawing. Now I started drawing for a while, I stopped because I can only take so much of it before I go insane, it is stressful. Well, at least the way I did it was stressful. I pretended like I was back to the scene of the attack. I drew one picture of how I was, where I was, what was around me, and who was around me before it happened. Then I drew a second picture of just my face and the bed I was on and the alarm clock that is imprinted in my mind for some reason I'll never forget it while the attack was happening. Then I drew a third picture of myself after the attack, where I was, and what was around me. This is pretty tough to do, it most definitely made me want to puke, punch something, rip my skin off, and bawl my eyes out all at the same time. But afterwards I calmed down, then the next day I looked at the pictures again. I felt relief. See, I accept what happened to me. I shouldn't have to accept it, but the only way to move forward in healing is to accept that it happened. The last picture I drew was kind of an abstract, just a mix of lots of different objects that represent certain things through out my whole life and who I am, who I was, and what I've become. So drawing can help.
   How about painting? It's kinda the same thing as drawing. Abstract is a cool thing to do. Just paint what you feel, dip your brush in whatever color you're feeling and put it on the canvas however you want. It's that simple :)
  Let's talk about poems. See, poems and songs kinda go hand in hand. Poems are just shorter, and really don't even have to rhyme. Here's an example of a poem I wrote:
  lost again in a town i don't know
 funny how a friend turns to foe
 he was supposed to keep me safe away from harm
 why wont he let go of me i can't move his arm
 why can't i see straight nothing looks right
 why do i try but can't put up a fight
 shouldn't have been drinking
 i'm stupid, i wasent thinking
 i want to go home
 i run away shaking and alone.

Now I just came up with that off the top of my head, that was a nice random release for the night. You should give the poem thing a try :)
Writing songs is amazing, I've been doing it since I was 8 years old. I have tons of songs, I'm sure you'll be seeing some I'll post them.

There's tons of different forms of art, you just have to find what you like, and express yourself. :)


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