Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black on White Rape in Male Prisons

From Chapter 7 of Violence by James Gilligan, M.D., a psychiatrist:
  I first gained some acquaintance with some reality of rape in prison, and of the means through which some inmates are forced into the role of a sex slave, when I was asked to see a young man, Jeffrey L., because his behavior had become so bizarre that the prison authorities thought he needed to be evaluated for a psychiatric illness. The incident that led to this referral had occurred in the prison visiting room, a setting in which inmates can sit at a table on one side with the visitor on the other. Jeffrey's mother had just concluded a visit with him when instead of merely saying goodbye he leaped over the table in an attempt to follow her out of the visiting room and out of prison crying hysterically, clinging to her, begging her to take him home with her. Since he would not tell either his mother or the correction officers why he had behaved this way, they asked me to see him.

On (human rights watch) I found these statistics - keep in mind these are the ones that were reported, so many are not reported.
According to the report, released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), "Sexual Victimization in State and Federal Prisons Reported by Inmates in 2007," 4.5 percent of the state and federal prisoners surveyed reported sexual victimization in the past 12 months. Given a national prison population of 1,570,861, the BJS findings suggest that in one year alone more than 70,000 prisoners were sexually abused.

I typed in a Google search "black on white rape" and these articles had come up. It's not just females, it's males as well. I thought this was a good example of the fact that males are sexual assault survivors, too. And they're also victims of this black on white rape issue. I feel this black on white rape is a hate crime. But at the same time I don't care what it is because all it boils down to is that there's sick people in this world that are PROVEN to have an illness that cannot be changed by medication nor any other kind of treatment.
  I'm going to keep gaining more knowledge on this issue, and I'd like for you all to keep up on it with me and we will take action as soon and enough knowledge is on our side.

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